Labor Connection

Immigration laws are constantly changing and fines have increased for employers hiring workers without proper documentation to work legally in the U.S. Officials are enforcing the laws and many companies have faced great negative publicity and expensive fines.

We are also faced with the fact that less and less people are willing to perform the arduous and demanding agricultural jobs. As a Farmer, Rancher or Contractor, what are your options?

The U.S. Government for many years has approved visas for foreign Agricultural workers to enter the country to work for the length of their contract and then return to their country of origin.

You have the opportunity to tap into this wide pool of experienced and hard workers accustomed to the arduous agricultural work in their country of origin.

At LaborConnection we bring people together. Our goal is to become a partner and integral part of your success. As a business owner and/or contractor, we know you have many responsibilities. We work diligently to assist you in getting the workers you need every harvest season, thus allowing you to concentrate in the other equally important aspects of your business.

LaborConnection will assist you in determining, requesting and processing H2A visas. It is a complicated process and we will be there every step of the way.

Don't jeopardize your business. Take advantage of the benefits the government is offering you. Get the workers you need now.

We have offices in the U.S. and in Mexico. For more than 15 years workers continue to visit us and refer family members to be placed in the guest worker program. We have a reputation to upkeep and workers trust us.

In the U.S. Just as well, employers look for us to fulfill their staffing needs every harvest season. We have placed workers in Florida, California, Alabama, Mississippi, New York, Washington State, and North Carolina amongst other states.

During the last 15 years we have processed over 60,000 H2A and H2B visas.

Why Labor Connection! Yes, there are a handful of companies out there providing the same services as us. Nonetheless, our mission is simple.

"To assist the agriculture industry in the United States to continually feed America and the world by placing the best guest workers with the right employer, thus mutually benefiting the U.S. Economy and the world."

The benefits of hiring guest workers through LaborConnection are many including the following:
  1. Peace of mind
  2. Reduce the risk of expensive government fines in relation to hiring illegal workers.
  3. Fulfill your need for experienced workers every harvest season.
  4. Ability to rehire workers every season.
  5. Over 15 years of combined experience.
  6. We have processed well over 60,000 visas.
  7. Bilingual staff with offices in the U.S. and Mexico.
  8. We work anywhere within the United States.

We have a set fee of $300* per worker. Unlike many companies and attorneys we do not have expensive hidden fees nor do we take a percentage of the workers payroll.

LaborConnection services include processing of all the requested and proper documentation, interviewing and recruiting workers at no additional cost and tracking the whole process to make the certification and approval of H2A visas as easy as possible.

We have 15 plus years combined experience and a large pool of workers that we place every year.

We know the laws and continually study immigration changes to better service you our partners and clients.

As the employer you are responsible for transportation arrangements from the border to you place of work.

You are required to satisfy all federal requirements for housing and must fulfill 3/4 of the contract offered to the H2A workers.

We will help you from beginning to end.

There have been changes in the processing of H2A visas for guest workers. Call today to find out how you can benefit from these changes. Set up an appointment at no cost to you and we will help you determine if this is the right solution for your staffing needs.